Krista Ayne Interview Penthouse Pet of The Month in April 2006

She’s appeared in Playboy.
She was the Penthouse Pet of The Month in April 2006.
She was in Jesse McCartney’s music video “Beautiful Soul”.
She’s appeared in numerous t.v. shows and films.
She is – Krista Ayne.

Q – Krista, how did you get your start as a model at age 9? Were you pushed into it or was it something you wanted to do?
A – I started modeling with a local States Island agency after seeing them advertise in the paper. It was my idea. However, my mom would only let me do it in the summer because she didn’t want me to miss school.

Q –What were you modeling at that age?
A – Most of the modeling I did was for school text books. Really exciting stuff like that.

Q – And so, did you have an agent that kept booking you for photo shoots for different companies?
A – Yes. I would work with one agency at that time. I only did it for about 2 years and for the most part did not end up getting back into modeling until I was almost 19 years old.

Q – You then parlayed your modeling career into music videos and film work?
A – Yes. But, I assume that was an accident. I had never put much thought into seeking out opportunities in videos or films as I was focused on print and fashion modeling. But, from time to tome through one contact or another I would get called to audition which is what really sparked my interest in acting. In some ways, being in front of the camera for film felt really comfortable and in fact I actually found doing film to be less challenging sometimes. If you think about what had to occur in order to get the perfect shot that conveys something meaningful in still photography—–it’s actually pretty complex. With film I feel like actors can string together a series of moments to convey a message, whereas with still photography it’s a single moment and it needs to be perfect.

Q – Then in April 2006, you were the Penthouse Pet Of The Month. Why did you pose for Penthouse? What did that do for your career?
A – Upon doing some work for a lingerie fashion show, I was approached or as some people say ‘discovered’ by a Penthouse publicist who was in attendance. At the time I had never seen a Penthouse issue before but was aware of the nature of the publication. I’m always interested in new opportunities and after some serious consideration and after talking it over with friends and family I decided that it could be a good stepping stone for my career and get me some broad exposure, no pun intended! In many ways this decision was the most important of my professional career as it opened many doors and led to lots of other opportunities. Lots of people ask me if it has hurt me at all. It’s hard to say. Am I less likely to be cast by Disney? Perhaps. But, in this day and age, I think it’s o.k. for women to be sexy and there is a long list of successful actresses who have posed nude and gone on to to have very successful careers in television and film.

Q – You hosted segments of the Howard Stern Show. What does that mean? Are you talking about his radio show on Sirius? I’ve seen Howard Stern make comments about different parts on a woman’s body when he was on the E! Network. Did he do that with you? Are you comfortable with that?
A – I have been on the Howard Stern Show. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to enjoy the experience because I was sick with a 104 degree fever. Howard was very friendly and made an effort to make me feel comfortable. It has been awhile since I was on the show so, I don’t remember that whole interview, but I’m sure he had his fair share of comments. Everyone knows that by going on Howard there is a chance you might not always like what he has to say. It’s part of the shtick to pick on people and you never know what he’s going to say on the air. I’m glad I was one of the lucky ones!

Q – What are you working on as we speak?
A – I have been working on several short and indie films and continue to build my modeling portfolio as opportunities arise. Acting is my main priority now.

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