Toni Brown Interview

Toni Brown is no stranger to Syracuse. Her father used to teach at Syracuse University in the late 50’s. Many people will remember Toni’s association with the group “The Joy of Cooking.” As the singer for that group, Toni Brown traveled across the United States performing with such artists as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Bonnie and Delaney, Elvin Bishop and Janis Joplin. “The Joy of Cooking” broke up in 1972, with Toni doing a solo album for MCA Records, and then joining Fantasy Records. No longer recording for Fantasy Records at this time, Toni is label shopping.

Q – When did you know you wanted to be a singer?
A – When 1 was 7 or 8 I started writing songs. I’ve done music all my life. I have to have some creative releases and music is the most gratifying to me.

Q – Does it bother you to hear a singer with only an average voice become very popular?
A – No it doesn’t bother me. I don’t begrudge anybody. That’s the way it is

Q – Where do you perform?
A – Mostly clubs out here, in the Bay area and in Los Angeles. In May, I’ll be traveling to the Northwest – Portland, Seattle. I’ve got to go to places where my records are being played. Unless you get tour support, it’s too expensive traveling anyplace else.

Q – Did you ever write that book about life on the road?
A – I had a bunch of ideas I want to write about, but I’m not sure it’ll be a book.

Q – Do you get separate from your family for long periods?
A – I don’t like being away. I do have a 5 year old son. I like to work Friday, Saturday, Sunday for 3 weekends a month.

Q – You’ve said, “Lyrics in popular music really haven’t progressed very much;”  
A – In the 20’s, 30’s you had great songs, serious pop art, writers like Irving Berlin, Richard Rodgers, Cole Porter. If those guys hadn’t existed, then Lennon/McCartney wouldn’t have existed

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