Marla Duncan Interview

She is known as “Ms. Fitness U.S.A.” —— and just one look will tell you why She is Marla Duncan. Marla has been featured in publications throughout the world, and appeared in videos, and on television. Calling Sacramento California home. Marla Duncan told us what it’s like to be “Ms. Fitness U.S.A.” and most recently, “Ms. Global Physique.”

Q – Marla, How do you work full-time as an Accounting Clerk, and manage your workout schedule? It would almost seem, that the two would clash and you’d end up getting sick.
A – It’s been quite a chore to juggle both a full-time job, work-outs, marriage, and my horse. But, as with anything in life, if you want something bad enough, you manage, period. I really am not sick very often. I had the flu for the first time, since 1989, this year. You see I live, and have lived a healthy lifestyle since I was about 12. I’ve trained since I was 16. Healthy people can simply hold up better, longer, and harder. I do sometimes get tired though. Rest periods are very essential.

Q – Your husband Mark, is he a title holder? You credit him with giving you direction. Did he have a hands on knowledge of the fitness business?
A – No. Mark does not compete, although he too has spent most of his life bodybuilding. He’s also pro-wrestled and competed in martial arts tournaments. He and I both had absolutely no idea or clue about the fitness industry. Through God we met, and were guided step by step. Mark has an excellent eye for commercial appeal, body line, and a very keen business sense.

Q – You live in Sacramento. Would you be better off if you lived in Hollywood?
A – We’ve been told we would, and wouldn’t. Actually, Mark and I don’t like Hollywood, and Los Angeles much at all. We really are country folk. I would be available for more cattle calls and go sees, and you would probably see me more on T.V. Actually, half of me wants fame and fortune, the other half wants a family, husband and ranch. God’s taken care of us so far.

Q – You’re working on a poster deal. How is that coming along?
A – The problem with posters is every time I shoot I do something I like better than before. I just shot some outrageous stuff, the best ever. So, I’m still deciding.

Q – You tested recently for both an exercise show and a film part. What happened there?
A – Let’s just say the “Casting Couch” is still alive and well. Nothing is worth that. I do have a major cable gig and one other surprise coming up.

Q – What would it take to get yourself a sponsor so you wouldn’t have to work a full-time job?
A – I do have somewhat of a sponsor now. Actually, since signing with Cybergenics in 1992, I have quit my accounting job, and have taken up full-time, personally training people.

Q – You say that the turning point in your life was your brother Rob developing diabetes. You say in your bio., “I decided then and there that I was going to take care of my body.” Are you saying that Rob didn’t take care of his body? That lack of exercise and proper nutrition caused his diabetes?
A – At the age my brother Rob became diabetic, he was very young, around ten, vibrant and healthy. He inherited diabetes. But, there are two types. His and onset diabetes. The latter is caused from an over-consumption of sugar early in life, which causes your pancreas to sort of run out of juice later on in life. My grandfather had this. When I found out that you can stop something from working in your body by not taking care of it, well, it was very profound. I just decided then that I was going to fight off as much as I could, including age.

Q – Marla, how can we get more people to utilize a gym? Some people are intimidated by the atmosphere in a gym, because the people there seem to have that “perfect” figure.
A – For the most part, the ladies I train are usually 50 to 100 pounds overweight. I hold their hand until they are comfortable with the whole idea. I tell them, who cares what you look like now. You’re here! Only five per cent of America works out regularly. Wait until you’ve reached your goal. You are an athlete now. Screw what people think! Perfect is different for everybody and you have to like yourself first. Now is your time. As long as you look in the mirror, and like what’s looking back and it’s healthy be happy.

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