The Mysterious Death of Marilyn Monroe.

It’s been 28 years since Marilyn Monroe died. Questions surrounding the circumstances of her death have been raised almost from the very beginning. Milo Speriglio is one man who has been investigating Marilyn Monroe’s death for the last 17 years. Mr. Speriglio is the Director and Chief as well as the Chairman of the Board, for Nick Harris Detectives, Inc. He’s biographied The Who’s Who In American-West, Who’s Who in American Law Enforcement and Who‘s Who in California. Milo has written two books on Marilyn Monroe, “Marilyn Monroe: Murder Cover-Up” and “The Marilyn Conspiracy,” with a third book on the same subject coming up very soon. Mr. Speriglio revealed to us what he’s found out about Marilyn Monroe’s death.

Q – Mr. Speriglio, as l understand it, you’re making a movie about Marilyn Monroe. What can you tell us about it?
A – The film will be entitled “Crypt 33, The Final Chapter.” It will be based on my third book about Marilyn. My coauthor is Adela Gregory, also co-producer of the movie. The budget is $22 million dollars. The book and movie will be released at the same time, possibly early 1991. They will name the four people who were involved in the murder, per my three separate deep throat informants.

Q – What evidence do you have that would prove Marilyn Monroe did not commit suicide?
A – I have one audio tape from a key informant naming the killers, together with a hand written chart outlining the sequence of the orders to kill. A family member of this informant was with the killers. She was later killed by them. The physical evidence I developed proves it was murder and not She did not swallow the Nembutal tablets. They were not found in her stomach, only in her blood. Death was by injection. She was found in her ‘locked’ room, no drinking glass was found. No hypodermic needle. And, the water was off during remodeling. According to Schaffer Ambulance Service, they took her to the Santa Monica Hospital comatose. She died there. Her body was stolen, taken back to her house, and the cover-up began.

Q – The current D.A. of L.A., lra Reiner found no reason to reopen the Marilyn Monroe case. _
A – It was my client Bob Slatzer, and myself that forced the DA to “look into the evidence.” The DA was a liberal, and pro Kennedy, and the investigation was swept under the rug. The same is true with ABC’s ‘20/20.‘ All my witnesses were on film, but it was never aired. As a result, Geraldo, the producer, and others quit the show. The president of ABC News was a friend of the Kennedys. ‘It’ was the best investigation report since Watergate,’ the ABC anchor said.

Q – If anybody would have known about an affair between the president and Marilyn Monroe, it would have been the Secret Service. Yet, no one has ever come forward. Doesn’t this cast doubt on your story?
A. When I first broke the story about Marilyn Monroe and JFK, most did not believe it. Today, numerous eyewitnesses have come forward to verify what I said, including the affair with his brother and Miss Monroe. Yes, some members of the Secret Service also knew, but have been sworn to secrecy. One informant told me there was a special bedroom in the basement of the White House often used by the Kennedy Brothers.

Q – We keep hearing about tapes that were made of conversations between the president and Marilyn Monroe. And, we also hear that those tapes were destroyed in a fire. What do you know about that?
A. Bernard Spindel was hired by Jimmy Hoffa to bug Marilyn’s house and phones. Her affairs with JFK and Bobby were recorded on tape. They were not lost in a fire. One copy was taken by the New York DA’s office, and ‘lost.’ Hoffa had a tape and so did Spindel. I heard part of one tape. We do not know where they are. Her death was recorded on the tape.

Q – Prior to her death, Marilyn tried to take her own life on at least three occasions. Doesn’t that mean something to you?
A – Yes, she attempted suicide in the past, but during her final days, she was re-instated to the movie (she was making) and in TV Guide there is a report about lost film outtakes of the movie that were not finished, proving that she was doing great, and not as reported in the past.

Q – You would really like to see this case re-opened wouldn’t you?
A – The murder of Marilyn Monroe should be opened. Two years ago, the foreman of the grand jury in LA had all my evidence, He called for the first office probe. The next week he was fired by the DA.

Q – Why not let Marilyn Monroe rest in peace? Don’t you think the public is tired of all these rumors?
A. Quite to the contrary of your thinking, most people that are interested in Marilyn, millions of them. want to know everything about her life and death. It is my belief she will not rest in peace until the circumstances of her untimely demise are completely told. That is why there has to be a ‘Crypt 33, The Final Chapter.’

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