What People Are Saying About Gary James Interviews

Thank you so much for the nice write-up – Grace Morley ( Las Vegas Show Performer)

I really like your interviews – Samoa ( Publicist For The Voluptous Horror Of Karen Black)

I really like your writing style ( Tom ” Tearaway” Schulte) – Jam Rag Magazine

You have a pleasing telephone voice. It’s always a pleasure to talk with you – Linda Heinecke-
( Skip Heinecke’s Reflections Inc.)

It was a real pleasure speaking with you today – Tony Little

I read with interest your interview with Fletcher Prouty. It was very well done – Craig Roberts –
Author of ” Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks At Dealy Plaza)

Thanks for the very nice interviews. You are a great writer. All of your interviews are interesting – Yvette Paris

The interview was fantastic – Kitten Natividad ( Actress)

Thanks for the interview. It’s great !! It’s one of the first interviews done of me which the writer didn’t add in 4 letter words. Thanks. I sound intelligent. Not like a drunken sailor !!
You’re a doll – Marlene Willoughby ( Actress )

The interview was great! – Marla Duncan ( Bodybuilder)

The interview was wonderful – Niki Knockers ( Actress)

I enjoyed talking with you – Kathleen O. Kmiecik – Cake Affairs ( Bellaire, Texas)

Thank-you for the nice interview – Larry Ashkinazy , DDS ( ” Dentist To The Stars”)

Thank-you so much for the interview. I’ve had a lot of nice comments about it.  It’s nice to have people in town who take an interest in our local ( Syracuse, New York) music scene. – Kim Fetters ( Backing Vocalist For Benny Mardones)

Gary – I just read the interview. Nice job. – Vincent Falcone ( Frank Sinatra’s Musical Conductor)

Your work is First Class and your Questions were the type that engendered response. That’s a strong writer’s advantage. – L. Fletcher Prouty ( Chief Of Special Operations For The Joint Chiefs Of Staff Under President John F. Kennedy ).

I like your style. Clear. Succinct. Highly intelligent. – Mark McIntire ( J.F.K. Lives Show).

A more fulfilling article about me I’ve never read – June Foray ( Voice Of Rocky – Rocky And Bulwinkle)

Good job !! It was a pleasure to talk to you and another pleasure to read you – Chef Carlo Middione

Thanks for the article. You did a great job !- Candy Lightner – ( Founder Of MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Drivers)

It was so lovely talking to you – Patte Barham ( Columnist)

You are a great writer. All of your interviews are interesting. – Yvette Paris ( Exotic Dancer/ Author)

Very Nice !!!! I love it! Thanks for printing what I said and not what you wanted ! – Alyssa Alps ( Exotic Dancer)

Wow !!! What a beautiful article – Jamie Lee ( Founder Of Exotic World)

I really enjoyed sharing so many stories about Central New York with such a knowledgeable host – Mark Baker ( Author)

I love the interview !!!- Drew Koven ( Owner Of Geoff And Drew’s Finest Cookies, Brownies And Baked Gifts)

The interview looks great ! Thanks for including me ! Elisa Strauss ( Confetti Cakes)

A very good interview and accurate as well !- Brian Morgan ( Morgan’s Fudge)

Nice. Kelly Perdew ( Trump Ice)

Wow !! This is a great Christmas present ! Thank-you very much for taking the time to include me in your great assortment of people you have interviewed ! – Jeff Swartz ( President Of Hitch-Hiker Mfg.)

Gary – Thank-you very much. Awesome interview. It brought tears to my reflecting on the band’s long history. I guess I don’t realize what a long road it’s been. Reading that interview just gave me a reality check. Thank-you so much. We truly appreciate it. – Jamie Cosco ( Ruby Shooz)

I read the interview and thought it came out really well. Thanks for giving Jamie an opportunity to talk about the band, it’s history ,and it’s current situation in a positive way. – Bob ( Keyboardist- Ruby Shooz)

Mr. James – Just read the interview you did with Earl ( Thomas Conley) and he said to tell you “ Thank-you. “ It was excellent. It’s like a story. He was happy with the outcome. So. Thank-you for that – Carole Scates ( Earl Thomas Conley Enterprises)

Gary – Thanks for a great interview. Love the site. I’ll keep visiting – Linda Davis ( Country Singer)

Gary – Just read the interview. Strong ! – Martha Moore ( Publicist For Todd Fritsch)

Well done Gary. Interview is great. – Joan Hodges

Gary – Thanks for a really informative and thoughtful interview. You did a good job. – Elin Katz ( Rosebud Cakes)

Gary – Thanks for the article you did on myself and the band. I really appreciate you doing that interview. It looks good – Steve Sutherlin – Circle City Sidewalk Stompers

Thanks Gary ! Looks great. – Jane ( Janes’s Desserts)

Thanks Gary. This is great. – Beth Heller ( Publicist at 5WPR for Kevin Rooney, Former Trainer Of Mike Tyson)

The interview was great – Marla Duncan

Thank-you for the great story about our band “ Smokin”. All of us in the band appreciate all the time and effort you put into this project. Your support for the musicians of Central New York is greatly appreciated – Al Wolf (‘ Smokin’” – Syracuse New York Rock Band)

Thank-you very much for the interview. We’ve gotten many nice comments along with a few “ I didn’t know that” about your remarks. Thanks for the support – Mike Estep ( Mike Estep Band)

Thanks Gary. Well done ! – Paul Mascioli – ( President Of Mascioli Entertainment Corp. ) Regarding the Ian Tyson Interview