Joseph Kresge Interview The Amazing Kreskin

He’s performed for royalty presidential families and appeared on television over 500 times! Those appearances included 118 Mike Douglas shows, 98 Merv Griffin shows and 88 Tonite Show’s with Johnny Carson. In 2009 he was the first guest to make three appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

He even had a board game named after him!

We are talking about the one the only Kreskin!

Q – Is it true that you were at a séance in Nashville and you summoned the spirit of Elvis Presley?
A – (Laughs). Where did you find that out?

Q – I do my research.
A – I know you do.

Q – You see the problem with that séance is, I interviewed a woman by the name of Linda Hood Sigman. She tells me she and her husband have been talking to Elvis since 1992 and Elvis is very much alive!! She has her own website on which she offers up proof including Elvis’s handwriting written after he died.
A – Yeah. You know what I enjoy in our culture? That we’re not doing anybody any harm but we can entail remarkable illusions and not be institutionalized. I love to read. The BBC came to my home here in New Jersey. I have one house just for my books, because when I’m home I read four books a night on average. My library has over 9000 books in it. I could have predicted when J. F. K. was assassinated the amount of theories and rumors that it was a conspiracy. I’ve worked in 84 crime cases in my life. I’ve avoided any publicity whenever possible because I have police in the family, C. I.A. in the family but, at the same time if you look at things and I’m not saying there are not conspiracies. Yes we’ve had landing of aliens in a certain part of the United States and they’ve had all kinds of strange vessels. Interestingly enough and I predicted this seven years ago (2008) you’re going to see less and less reports of UFO alien landings then we’ve heard 10 years ago, 20 years ago, the 1950s, the 1960s. The reason is rather interesting. People say do I think there’s intelligence outside of our earth here in the universe. My answer is God forbid that there isn’t. If were the only intelligence were in God damn trouble! But, the bottom line is and I’ve met the people who’ve had alien abductions. The reason you don’t hear about as many anymore is people have easy ways of connecting with what’s happening around them, something called cell phones. It would start to smell of suspicion if the amount of reports came forward that they were attacked, they were approached and no one had any cell phone photos because they should be taking them. I think most of the reports never really happened or people are deluding themselves. So when you hear of conspiracies with the Kennedy assassination, don’t even try to argue with anybody whether it’s myself or what have you. Let’s use some common sense. Sooner or later somebody is going to blow the whistle. You can’t hide anything and nobody has.

Q – I once spoke to a woman who knew all the original Mercury seven astronauts. Her and her husband socialized with these guys. She said the United States has a division of manufacturing outside of the Air Force that has aircraft 50 years beyond what we think is the most advanced.
A – I know. I’ve heard this story endlessly.

Q – Many of the sightings then could be from our own military, testing experimental aircraft.
A – Its similar to the documentary just done on the History Channel about Hitler. I don’t live in the past I just think we can learn from the past. We were warned when I was a kid; we don’t study history it’s going to report itself. And there is no question it’s going to repeat itself. No question at all. But one of the incredible theories about Hitler’s Gestapo people is they had military weapons; they didn’t have many because fortunately the war ended before they could develop them, but, they were remarkable. When I heard the descriptions and one of the theories is that Hitler’s people did not get them from what was contemporary but got them from UFO people and so the bottom line is look at the genesis, look at the scientists that left Hitler and came to this country. That’s where they got the information. It does show how we all become authorities on our own point of view. By the way I make a very strong claim, you can quote me. And I’ve made it very strongly in recent years, I claim to know a tremendous amount with a great deal of authority and certainty about nothing and I know very little about everything else.

Q – Back to Elvis. I’ve talked to a number of people who have made a very convincing argument that he did indeed fake his death and is very much alive.
A – I think the remarkable story is going to be and it’s going to be a gigantic story which I can’t figure out is how they’re going to explain how Elvis managed to keep secret that he was still alive all these years. That’s much more fascinating than someone stating he’s still alive.

Q – How do you explain Linda Hood Sigman who offers up proof that Elvis is alive?
A – She’s got to be a fascinating person. If she so legitimate and absolutely certain and scientific why doesn’t she just take a quick picture of him and show it around? I love meeting people like this. I meet people like this all the time, endlessly. They’re very, very convincing but, there also fantastic authorities on their own point of view. It is almost remarkable. I think that’s wonderful that she is so special in life that somehow he’s picked her as one of the few people that he can easily communicate with and doesn’t want any publicity. That is a remarkable transformation I want to tell you. I think the person who was probably working with Elvis was a relative of Mary Shelley because Frankenstein couldn’t be the only piece of science fiction made. With all his fame it’s incredible that Houdini never answered his phone with all the damn séances. So, who knows maybe he never died! I’m being sarcastic.

Q – Did you actually channel Elvis’s spirit in a séance?
A – No. Not in any way, shape or form. I’m not saying it’s impossible to communicate with the dead. But, there is one devastating problem. Some years ago spirit mediumship was extraordinarily popular, not as popular as it is today. This has been discussed by various groups of sociologists around the world that I’ve spoken to. They say, you know Kreskin you’re the only one that made it very obviously clear now that we researched it, it’s true. There is today a tremendous interest in spirit communication. In Houdini’s day in the 1910s, in 1920s there were many spirit mediums. Of course he was supposedly exploring them, but that was sideshow medium. Today there are thousands and thousands of mediums because if you study history: take the Civil War, World War I, World War II, there has in the three or four years before the wars broke out tremendous interest in spirit communication. Staggering. The sociologists said we didn’t realize what you were talking about. It was all over the place. Today there is tremendous interest. It usually precedes great catastrophes and social structures, war. Well, were already at work. I’m not going to be stupid and say were not. But, it certainly does reflect that situation. There is one gigantic problem with those who believe in the spirit, that they can communicate with the dead. Don’t misunderstand me I am not a hypocrite. Of course I believe in the survival of the spirit. I happen to be Roman Catholic. So, does almost every Christian. So does almost every Jew. So, I’d be a hypocrite. We’re talking now scientific areas. The situation that’s very strange is, if someone can communicate with the dead, my God in heaven why doesn’t someone talk to thousands and thousands of people that were murdered and just give 10 sentences of the clue that will explain the murder. Help solve each and every one of those murders.

Q – You’re exactly right. We could solve once and for all, whether the bullet that killed Pres. Kennedy came from the sixth floor schoolbook depository or the grassy knoll.
A – That was a terrible incident. If you’ve been there you understand what I mean, my God, a 12 year old kid could have done it because of how close the president was to all those barriers. It was only a few hundred feet away. It was such a tight area; it’s strange they let the President drive through that area. It didn’t require any skill at all in marksmanship.

Q – Or, who killed Jon Benet Ramsey?
A – Talk about a murder in every town. I’ve worked on 84 crime cases. Heck, if we could of got a medium who could contact the person who was murdered it would’ve saved a tremendous amount of people I’ve worked with trying to chart memories. But that is a haunting unanswered question which I’m afraid is never going to be answered.

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