Justin Joseph Tomasino of Milano’s Cheese

Salad with Feta Cheese

Milano’s Cheese is a family owned and operated cheese making business that has been around for over 39 years now. At the helm of Milano’s Cheese is Justin Joseph Tomasino who serves as the company’s Executive Director. We spoke with Justin about the company he leads. Q – Milano’s cheese has been around for close to four decades now. What were you doing before you became part of the company? A – So, I’m third-generation family. My prior roles were simple, busing tables, waiting on tables, starter roles until I…

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Dan Samson Interview Lovin’ Scoopful Ice Cream

Lovin’ scoopful is not just another ice cream company. It’s the churned light ice cream that focuses in an all-natural base product that comes from the milk and cream of cows not treated with the cow growth hormone BST. Founded in February 2008, Lovin’ Scoopful, the ice cream can be found in nearly 1600 stores spread throughout 22 states. It should also be mentioned that Lovin Scoopful donates 25% of its profits to the Special Olympics international. The movers and shakers behind the scenes at Lovin Scoopful include Dan Sampson,…

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Brad Sterl Interview Rustic Crust Organic Pizza Crust

Brad Sterl is the man behind the Rustic Crust frozen flatbread pizzas you see in your grocery store’s frozen food department. Rustic Crust is a New Hampshire bakery specializing in all natural, Old World crusts and flatbreads. Founded in 1996 as Ever Better Eating. Rustic Crust offers a variety of ready-made crusts and frozen topped flatbread pizzas each crafted with dough formed by hand, allowed to slowly ferment, double proofed and baked in custom ovens for rich flavor. Rustic Crust offers 5 varieties of pizza crusts including Cheesy Herb, Tuscan…

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Rachel Kruse Interview Organicville Foods Founder And President

Have you ever thought you could make a better product than what you buy in the grocery store? Rachel Kruse thought it and did something about it! She launched Organicville Foods. Organicville Foods is a product line that is not only USDA Certified Organic, but gluten-free, dairy free, vegan and contain no added sugars. Rachel Kruse talked with us about Organicville. Q – Rachel, what are your job duties at the co? A – Well, I founded Organicville so pretty much everything! (Laughs). I created the brand almost 7 years…

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John William Macy Interview Cheese Sticks

Since 1984, John Macy’s all-natural, twice-baked sourdough treats have been getting rave reviews!! We wanted to find out how John Macy came to create such an unusual product, and so we did. John Macy fills us in. Q – Are your cheese sticks to be found primarily in the gourmet section of supermarkets? A – Yeah, pretty much. When we started out it was exclusively small, I guess they called them gourmet stores at the time, or specialty stores, cheese shops starting in New York City. Just little stores. And…

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Andy Berliner Interview Amy’s Kitchen

Amy's Logo

Amy’s Kitchen is a family business named after Andy and Rachel Berliner’s daughter – Amy, who was born in 1987. The Berliner’s vegetarian, product line has become the nation’s (we’re talking United States) leading natural frozen food brand. They’ve created over 60 different products including vegetarian pizza, pocket sandwiches, pot pies, entrees, snacks, whole meals, canned soups, chili’s, and bottled pasta sauces. Andy Berliner spoke to us about his co. Q – Why do you think vegetarian products are so popular these days? A – Well, there’s a growing interest…

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